Ricardo Morales Pérez


Hey let me tell you about my myself I was born in México, Chihuahua in October 18 1999 at 1:25 p.m.as being the youngest in a fifth member in the family. It nice simple back then, but all started when I was diagnosed with glaucoma and then that changed me, who I am today, so we had to go the United States to help me to not get my condition worse and worse, but I know it is not going to stop who I am going to be, the future as an activist and a radio person.

Build That Wall

I always hear those three words


It funny how some trump voters think trump is going make American Great Again

but there is one way that Donald Trump can make American great Again and it is that he should


Because what I see in the wall

Yes it could keep some bad people away

but what about the good people

who trying to live a better life

who trying to escape the violence, death, gangs and the drugs

and trying to help their children to have a better future

to someone great like a ceos, doctors, scientists, business people, teachers, soldiers

So trump when hear this

Make sure take out your brain

Make sure it doesn’t have any dust or garbage

Because it’s so stupid

What you thinking?

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