Pedro Flores


Pedro Flores was born in Santa Ana. He was raised by both his mom and dad. When he turned 3 he went to preschool for only 3 days and his grandparents took him out. He turned 5 and went to kinder garden but he noticed that he was a little bit bigger. He then turned 6 and went to 1st grade. The year ended and he was told that he flunked. His parents were mad at him so his mom moved him to Tustin and he was in school till 3rd grade. He then went to a program called CDC. After that, he moved back to Santa Ana in the 4th grade. He was always the bigger kid but he didn’t care because his father always told him that people called him names but he didn’t care. After he heard that, he didn’t care what people said to him. Well, he did listen to his teachers and parents as well as his older brother…you get the point. He went to fifth grade and he fell in love with a girl but never had the guts to ask her to be his girlfriend. He graduated so his older brother told him about Barrio Writers but he already knew because he always went to his performances. He joined Barrio Writers this year.

My Latino Street


         My Latino Street is amazing! I hear gun shots but I’m watching the T.V at home. I have a secret room. You want to know why it’s a secret?

         I love the red smelly house. I love that the house is a bright red. It lets the firefighters know that we live here.

         I hate the smell! It smells like blood. The blood of bodies; the blood from the innocent people.

         Our house never gets shot at, because we glow. We have differences from our Latino Street.

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