Rosalinda Avitia Segura


My name is Rosalinda Avitia. I am 18 years old and the youngest in my family. I am currently a freshman in Cal-State Fullerton studying to be a social worker. Also, I am a proud mother of baby girl. When you first meet me, I am very shy and seem pretty serious, but once you get to know me, I let my walls fall. I am always there for the people that I love and care for to the point where I help them more then myself. This is my third year of Barrio Writers, and I have loved every moment of each year. Throughout my years my friends, family, music and writing have helped me deal with all the problems surrounding me. Everything good or bad in these outcomes has grown me into the person I am today.

Dear Everyone Who Doubts Me And People Like Me,


I am a proud Chicana

Of course I am a Women

A teen mom

Vaz a escuchar mi voz

In everyone’s eyes I am a minority

But I will do better than those who doubt me

Everyone thinks they have the right to comment on my decisions and my life

Pues que creas?

No Puedes

Soy una madre soltera que va atender una Universidad

I will do what you think is not possible

I will do it with pride and a smile on my face to piss you the fuck off

I don’t need your negativity

You’re probably tired of hearing me rant about this huh?

Guess what?

Me Vale

You need to hear the importance of how I am and people like me are fucking important

Your ignorantasses will be offended and want to build a wall to keep us away

Que creas?

That ain’t happening

We will rise and come back stronger

You think we are bad when we are normal

Imagine when you piss us off

Just fucking test us

I suggest you don’t though

You will burn from the embarrassment

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