Noble Peck


Noble Peck is 13 years old with a track record of the comedic variety.  He lives to write in a casual style and enjoys reading science fiction.  He was born in 2003 in San Antonio, Texas weighing only two pounds.  Noble aspires to go to NYU and to be on the comedy show Saturday Night Live.


Golden birds circle a green tree

Leaves fall onto perfect green grass

Red buds poke from within the leaves, willing their voices to be heard

A black raven stands on a branch searching for a white mouse scurrying through the grass

Lazy golden yellow fish float aimlessly in a reflective pool

No trash in sight

This is before we came

Soon brown brick smokestacks will turn the sky black with smoke

Golden birds will fall to the earth like stones unable to breathe in the polluted air

The tree will have been chopped down to make wood for the fires

The buds will wilt and die because the rain is acid and the smog covers the sun

The raven will have starved because the mice will have died from lack of plants to eat

The golden yellow fish will choke on trash and other waste that now fills their pond

This is what we we’re doing to our home

Some of you may ask how we are doing this

The real question is how will we stop it.

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