Bio:  L.E. Huizar

L.E. Huizar is a Mexican-American writer and poet from Southern California. In the past, her poems have appeared in The Saint Ann’s Review and Christianity & Literature. She also is passionate about book arts and antique printing which she works on with the Aestel & Acanthus Press. She received her MFA from The Pennsylvania State University.

MAY 2013

Alvarado Valdivia         Arias        Cerda        Chatelain        Desimone        Ferro    gomez        Hernandez Diaz        Huizar        Ibarra        Martinez Serrano        Molina        Muñoz        Najarro        Olivarez        Ponce-Melendez        Ramirez        Reyna        Rosales        Salazar        Villagarcia        Zablah