The night a bullet for waking up
Inhale the moonlit air

Los Angeles asphalt and fein
Momentarily a city

She wears her hair in two buns
A pair of nines

The smoke a season
For waking up

Inhale the moonlit air
Cycling across South Whittier

A shopping cart
Cracking up the line of

Motel peddlers’ song syringe
The bus stop a reason

For waking up
She wore a pair of knives

Her throat and then the same
Poem his Olga sixteen

A fountain her child the river.

Bio:  José Hernández Díaz

José Hernández Díaz is currently working on his MFA in poetry at Antioch University Los Angeles. He earned his BA in English Literature from UC Berkeley. His work has appeared in The Best American Nonrequired Reading 2011, The Progressive, Kuikatl, Poetry Flash, Bombay Gin (Naropa), Mérida Literary Magazine (MEX), El norte que viene (ESP), ditch poetry (CAN), 3:AM Magazine (UK), The Delinquent (UK), The Recusant (UK), Kerouac’s Dog (UK), Decanto (UK), International Times (UK), Blood Lotus, Haight-Ashbury Literary Journal, Huizache (UHV), The Packinghouse Review, Foothill (CGU), Counterexample Poetics, Generations, The Legendary, Contratiempo, 1969: A Journal of Ethnic Studies (UCB), La Gente (UCLA), BlazeVOX12, Metazen, Emerge Literary Journal, among others. He has edited five novels for Floricanto Press. 2013.

La Llorona

MAY 2013

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