Eduardo José Gutiérrez


On August 26, 2001 a big, chubby baby was born.  His name was Eduardo José Gutiérrez, son of a brilliant mom and talented dad.  He was born into loving science, soccer, and DC Universe characters.  Although soccer is the sport he is best at, he would love to play basketball, even with a dry shot.  Now when it comes to report card grades, science seems like it isn’t one of his strongest subjects, but he can somewhat tell you the definition to Einstein relativity theory, thanks to National Geographic; yeah he gets a bit nerdy.  DC Universe is the world to him especially when that world has his top 2 favorite characters, the Flash and Batman.  Yeah it may seem childish but I mean who doesn’t like superheroes.  He seems like an amazing guy, wants to live big and has goals to set.  He always tries to keep a smile on his face even if his past or present haven’t always been the best, but something tells me his future will be just fine. 


Freedom is like a goal

Not reached by the goalie.

Many say it’s easy to reach

But is that true?

8 inch ball representing


It’s pretty hard to


Trying to grip on

To freedom,

Is trying to get

The last plane ticket

To leave a world

Of war.

No matter the way

I try to state the point,

It all comes down to say

Freedom is just another thought.

© The Acentos Review 2017