Alma Peguero


Alma Peguero is 17 years old. Some of her bad habits are: procrastinating on school work due to her immense love of literature, eating a slice of vegan carrot cake before hitting the gym, and allowing stress to overflow making her forget that Sunday is laundry day.

In an attempt to get out of her comfort zone, Alma has shared her writing every year of high school and has found overpowering joy in doing so. She aspires to become a successful book critic and writer.



Don’t laugh at me with your mouth full

Your laugh overly exaggerated, completely cynical.

You look disgusting, your laugh stretching your tongue out

Pushing the breadcrumbs past your lips.


Don’t laugh at me for attempting to speak our

Native language when English has clearly dominated

My vocabulary.


Don’t get bothered with me when

I ask for the house keys in English when

You’re the reason I can’t speak in

Spanish comfortably.


Don’t expect me to confide in you on

How I’ve sunk down so low

And have joined a Spanish 1 class.

You’d be ashamed for me

While I’m trying to better myself.


Once I can speak in rapid Spanish,


No hesitation,

Don’t expect me to read you

Shakespeare in Spanish.


You are simply not worth it.

© The Acentos Review 2017