Alexis Martínez


Alexis Martínez is fresh from high school and working towards her passion career as a Comic Artist/Author. For Alexis, writing has been a way of self-expression in frustrating times. Art and writing have become the skills she hopes to excel at while graphic novels with sci-fi/fantasy elements have become a source of inspiration. Alexis says that Indie films, such as Attack the Block, have inspired her art work and writing. Her script work has room for improvement, but she’s only beginning.


As an artist,

I value myself

Upon how good I

Am at it.

You aren’t supposed to,

Because you’re special

And no matter what

You’re still so valuable and good

But I don’t let myself do that.

Art is what I want my life to be about,

If I’m not good I need to get better

I don’t call myself a writer, because

I’ll hold high standards,

I’ll get depressed when

I don’t think it’s good.

I won’t show it if I don’t think it’s good

I won’t let myself be happy with it

I won’t enjoy writing often

I have struggled as an artist,

Because I know I can do better,

And I know I’m getting better,

But it’s slow

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