Alexandre Bartolo


Alexandre Bartolo is a Brazilian student who began writing after Leonard Cohen's passing. He has poems published in Tuck Magazine, Spillwords and Street Light Press, among others. He currently seeks to learn the process of language as well as if life is kind enough, to be read.

Rated to us

His prostate spams,
he says, astounded,
“Look, honey, without hands”,
as if he wanted to draw attention
toward a personal milestone,
like when he first pedalled
with no extra wheels,
just softness and balance. 

We are albatrosses,
faithful to one another,
but we could be swans,
plunging our faces into clavicles,
as wells as flora, lawn daisies
hidden amid orchids and daffodils,
trying to match pollen grains. 

Whispers, passive voices,
sweat, body hair: all combined
indoors, where nobody
visits us, and Apollo shines
through our curtains, blessing
our union not before courts or clerks,
but a heavenly rainbow after the sunshower.

© The Acentos Review 2018