Adriane Seville


Adriane Seville is a Latin American poet who splits his time between Mexico City and Austin, TX. 

For Itzalina Cortez

Your regal name is enough 
to call out the tangerine sage 
from fragrant slumber in the pine-oak
to weep its pink crustacean blooms 

Your name brings with it water
and the dark magic of blood
raising the tender palms crowned with Cotingas 
their coloraturas weaving countermelody 

The velvet wind of the witching hour
across dreaming feathers of beryl and emerald
is your only true enunciation. 

The absinthal taste of the marigolds
that bloom in the mouth of Mictecacihuatl
is your remembrance. 


For Lorca

First they left your body in a ditch
alongside three others.
The ditch must have been wide and long
easy to imagine
sun and blood and dark Spanish hair
no more than four bullets. 

Then they said
“natural accidents of war.”
easier to imagine
many other ditches full of poets
sun and blood and dark Spanish hair.
A country of ditches. 

Now they say
“official orders
executed immediately
after having confessed”
to wanting to fill the ditches. 

deep song
the lace spun from salt
the bodies of bullfighters shrouded in silk
and the bones of their bulls 

Bring your lost bones to France or Vermont
and marry the boy with a dark tongue
who smells sweet and sharp as a sickle
marry the boy who sings hymns
into the hole they put in your head.

© The Acentos Review 2018