February 2013

Fiction                                                              Poetry                                                        Nonfiction

Roberta Liora Borger                                     Andrea Betran                                           Juanita Mantz

Patricia Figueras                                            Karina Billini

                                                                         Jéanpaul Ferro

                                                                         Yaccaira Salvatierra


                                                                         Jéanpaul Ferro

In this issue of The Acentos Review, authors and artists challenge through the political and personal, particularly in respect to loss, offering a fantastic counterpoint to the bounty that is within this issue as well as the bounty within the history of The Acentos Review.  There is a hunger within these works, whether within the lines of Borger’s characters or within the in-your-face politicized photographs of Ferro, that speaks to the hunger within Latina and Latino artists and writers in their call to viewers and readers.  “Stand up and pay attention”, they say.  “There are worlds that you have not known, which are frightening, beautiful, engaging, and transformative!”  They extoll.  Welcome.  Bienvenidos.