Benjamin García


Benjamin García is a Community Health Specialist in rural New York. He works with a wide diversity of people, including those who use injection drugs, are transgender, or who simply want to learn more about choices regarding their body (including decisions that may involve a fetus). Because many of our communities are made more vulnerable by recent legislation, he is working to have evidence-based and science-based solutions recognized as inalienable entitlements. His work has been published in Barrelhouse, Boston Review, Kenyon Review Online, Gulf Coast, and West Branch Wired.

Postcard from the apocalypse 

neither was it fire           neither ice         
it was the undecided         indifferent time
of lukewarm        undrinkable water in the faucets
while we snaked new pipes for crude              our toilets
flooded          bathroom          basement          house
flooded streets           though no one seemed to mind
we didnt need venice anymore                   it was ok
because this was yet another new way of being
left alone                    connected                one of those
is what we always wanted         with bitcoins we could buy it 
your wishlist turning on a spit          we traded viruses like viruses       
cash was our cash crop         we could 3d print our darkest thought
we made it           diamonds         islands         climate        but
we were not citizens of the earth           or if we were
global warming                  deported us anyway    
it was ok             we found a new peak          bei dao          
stocks        ratings         people       high      and reality tv
was the new public office           our phones voted
our cars made phone calls        computers drove our cars     
and even teddy bears        spied on our families  
corporations turned the people                like a coin
between thumb         index         middle finger
oh yeah        it was when the middle finger was our way
of saluting our leaders             forgive us     forgive us
we didnt know what we had done       
to deserve to be nice to each other         so we werent           
we ate the world         like a cold plum   
we found a new center          yeats        pound
from the pit we wave       hello


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