Ana Fores Tamayo

"Trees cry the road”


My labor has eased my own sense of displacement, being a child refugee, always trying to find home. In parallel, poetry is the hidden side I don't often let others see, though lately, this has been changing. This is my second time in Acentos Review, first appearing in the February 2017 issue. Additionally, my poetry can be read in The Raving Press, Rigorous, and Fron//tera, an international literary magazine from Spain. My poems will also be included in an anthology published by Cosmographia Books, in late 2018 and in another anthology, Detained Voices/Voces detenidas, which will pick up my poem "Elegy to a Refugee Girl." Lastly, I have photography forthcoming in The Bozalta Collective as well as a digital rendition of my published poem "Refugee/Refugiado," featuring my own photography, published in UC Davis' "Humanizing Deportation." 

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