Cynthia Alessandra Briano

This is why el arado not plough 

                                                    fierro anchor sound like arado not plough, arado—
                                                    not ploughshare dough earth—la reja cuchilla entre la tierra
                                                    rake filo jalar
                                                    not pound

                                                    claw las garras
                                                    not palm mound
                                                    arado rascar

                                                    you must be fanged, arrancar el rastro
                                                    not bedraggled ragged strolling
                                                    entre la tierra entrar 
                                                    rueda jalar not roll 

yes plough because push 
                                                                                but tierra not ground because arrado entre la tierra

BIO:  Cynthia Alessandra Briano is Director of the Rapp Saloon Reading Series and Founder of Love On Demand Global. She is the daughter of Mexican immigrants, grew up in Southeast L.A., and at 14, attended boarding school in Massachusetts. She earned a B.A. from Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania and a Master in Fine Arts in Poetry from UC Riverside. Cynthia teaches at Cal. State University Fullerton in the African American Studies Department as part of the Ethnic Studies Program. She has been recipient of the Lois Morrell & J. Russell Hayes Poetry Prize and finalist in the James Hearst Poetry Prize.


Twitter/Instagram: @CynthiaABriano Facebook: @cbriano1 

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