D. L. O.


D.L.O. lived in La Ceiba El Paraiso, Tegucigalpa, and a small town called  'Mata de platano' in Honduras. She came to the United Statesin 2018 and has lived in rural East Tennessee ever since. She has always loved soccer ever since she first practiced with her father at the age of five. Some of her other passions include reading, writing,and singing. She is currently interested in pursuing a career in law while also working diligently to develop as a writer.



             I always had a good relationship with my father,

Everyday I remember his smile.

When I missed my mom, he hugged me,

When I didn't understand so many things

And he’d explain to me what they mean.


             I remember when he told me

‘’Vamos donde mama, ya llego,’’

But that was in Honduras.


             Now I hardly remember him.

Everyday I forget a little more about his face,

But always in my room I try to remember

The last time we saw each other


             And he told me

‘’Te amo y te voy extrañar’’

And then he give me a hug,

Then we parted ways for a long time.


             The last time we spoke we fought,

And I was embarrassed by what I told him,

But when I tried to apologize

I had already lost him forever.


But despite that, I always

Try to remember him,

Because if I don't, who will? 




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