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Alfonso "Sito" Sasieta lives on the outskirts of Washington DC and is a member of a local L'Arche community, where adults with and without disabilities share their lives together, and Church of the Saviour, an ecumenical faith community. Most of his writing explores faith, music, mixedness & the dual inheritances that come with growing up in a Lutheran & Peruvian home.

Ode to La Murga de Panama

The Irish poet says

revelation must be terrible

but what the Irish

don’t know is the way

Héctor Lavoe

can slip between your

lips when you’re on the line

making pizzas

at the height of a Friday night

rush, when the tickets are backed up

& the customers are waiting

an hour plus

& what your papi wants

are impeccable

pizza lips

by which I mean crusts, which

are not meant to come up

but ought rather to remain pressed

& stuck

to the perimeter of the pie, but alas,

my last eight

have been sub-par, in spite

of my huffing & puffing & in spite

of Willie Colon, whose lips

just shimmied

through the black stereo

& kissed the rim of his trombone


that immortal gust

of sound & pulling down

the brass handle of our pizza oven, where I feel

the roiling heat of my father

who is rolling

both his eyes & both his R’s

& however terrible

the moment, I only remember the


ba-da-bam-bam, ba-da-bam-bam

ba-da-bam-bam, ba-da-bam-bam

  Cangrejos y Arañas

        For Papapa


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