Aerik Francis


Aerik Francis is a Queer Black & Latinx poet based in Denver, Colorado, USA. They are a Canto Mundo poetry fellow and a The Watering Hole fellow. They are also a poetry reader for Underblong poetry journal. They have poetry published widely, links of which may be found at . Follow them on social media @phaentompoet . 

_Executive Discretion_


Policial que não mata não é policial 

Police that don’t kill aren’t police


–Jair Bolsonaro (2017), president of Brazil


the execution of pleasure:

the pleasure of execution:


the re: between corpse and cops: 

the kneeling knees buckling down


the heavy breathing

the heaving breathy why


the cop’s curved smirk

the cop’s smeared cackle


the cop’s candor:



it makes me

feel good


to execute: carry into effect:

to execute: the effect carries



Colonization  = “thingification”

–Aimé Césaire, Discourse on Colonialism


any every

-thing is meta

-phor – al

-ready comparison


aches to be made

into something

else, if only for

a moment



this is called

waiting. new

daily ultimatums


thing me:

this or

that or

leave and


take – I’m


taken for

granted for

this taking




from English endict, enditen, inditen; c. 1300 "bring formal charges against (someone)”


As in there will be no formal charges against the murders: police, the laws, the systems, the state

As in there will be no formal

As in there will be no form



from Anglo-French enditer; late 13c. "accuse, indict, find chargeable with a criminal offense"


As in there is no accusation to make here

As in there is no charge / no criminal / no offense here

As in there is no finding justice, reparation, protection, care here



from in- "in" (from PIE root *en "in") + Latin dictare "to declare, dictate,"


As in systematic denial of war declarations

As in systematic denial of dictatorship

As in systematic denial of freedom to speak



from Vulgar Latin *indictare "to declare, accuse, proclaim in writing,"


As in we can never accuse a cop, judge, jury, executioner

As in we can never declare freedom

As in we can never proclaim liberty



from Latin frequentative of dicere "to say, speak" (from PIE root *deik- "to show," also "pronounce solemnly")


As in pronouncement without solemnity

As in performing a show with nothing to show

As in nothing to say, speechless



from Latin indicare; "to point out"; classical Latin indictus; "not said, unsaid" (from in- "not")


As in not not said

As in nothing to point out new, surprising, just

As in the unsaid of the unsaid



from Old French enditier, enditer "to dictate, write, compose; (legally) indict,";

from French endite, indite; 14c. non-legal senses " to write, compose (a poem, etc.); dictate"


As in this poem, written against speechlessness

As in I cannot seem to compose myself, this poem

As in there should not even be any writing, any composing, any dictating this poem

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