Michelle Clara Valdivia



Xicana poet, Michelle Clara Valdivia was born and raised in the fruitful San Joaquin Central Valley. She graduated with a B.A. in social welfare from the University of California at Berkeley in 2015. Previously, Michelle worked as an after school teacher in the Mission district of San Francisco. She currently resides in Sacramento, California. Follow her on Instagram @michellecvaldivia.

Luna Negra, entiérrame

The black moon brings out the mama in me
she impregnates me with ideas
             ((only the darkest parts in me are good))
             ((only the darkest parts in me are worthy))
                ((only the darkest parts in me are alive))
the black moon brings out the
bruja in me
sucia in me
puta in me
she is a virgin
new and untouched
she pulls all of my edges
rounded fears exposed
nothing illuminates
like the night
la Luna Negra
tiene tumbao
she’s here
even if you don’t see her,
I feel her
in harvest
she dances sustenance
she oozes abundance
she ascends
the black moon
Luna Negra, entiérrame
en tierra
en magia


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