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Lupe Mendez is a Poet/Educator/Activist, a CantoMundo and Macondo Fellow. He is co-founder of the LibroTraficante Movement which is dedicated to supporting Mexican-American Studies programs. He works with Nuestra Palabra: Latino Writers Having Their Say and the Brazilian Arts Foundation to promote poetry events, advocate for literacy/literature and organize creative writing workshops that are open to the public. He is the founder of Tintero Projects and works with emerging Latinx writers within the Texas Gulf Coast Region, with Houston as its hub. Lupe received his MFA in Creative Writing at the University of Texas at El Paso in December of 2015. His publishing credits include prose work in Norton's Sudden Fiction Latino: Short Short Stories from the United States and Latin America, and poetry that appears in Luna Luna, Ostrich, Revista Síncope, Pilgramage, Border Senses, and Gulf Coast

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Lupe is happily married to multi-genre author Jasminne Mendez and is hard at work creating new collections of poetry, while teaching high school English and lecturing at local colleges and community centers.

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Folio statement - [The idea behind this section was to capture the meaning, the notion or perhaps a sentiment of what a comic and the realm within provide. It was a moment of discovery for me, to be able to look into the writing submissions to see what comics/ animation/ graphic novel goodness and fantasy means to some of you. For the rest, then, I present what the team and I at Acentos Review have had a blessed chance to put together. I am grateful for the opportunity to not only be able to read these pieces, but to also get to put it together for everyone else to enjoy. I think of a quote from the aforementioned Dwayne McDuffie - “You don’t feel as real if you don’t see yourself reflected in the media […] There’s something very powerful about seeing yourself represented.” So what is this before you? This is the makings of powerful prose and poetry. This is a part of how we see the world and how we want to be seen. ]

Lupe Mendez

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