Tanya Castro


Tanya Castro is a Guatemalan-American writer from Oakland, California. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Poetry at Saint Mary’s College of California and holds a BA in English/Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. Tanya has work forthcoming in The Lit Pub.

Twitter: @tawniiecastroInstagram: @tawniecastro

How The Clouds Protect The Sun

         To My Brother


The objective is to walk into the night

be engulfed entirely, nada que ilumine

guiding steps as we spook ourselves

into running back to camp where fire

smokes signals of safety in the arms

of protective parents who feed us

clouds of gentle that withstand the

tenebroso as dawn approaches to show

us how easy it is to be regurgitated

into the lake where if you hear la llorona

cry in the distance it means she is right

behind you, if you believe in that sort of

thing, which we didn’t but at that age

you could feel her respirando down your

neck and the only thing I thought about

was to grab your hand, run and if for some

reason we tripped then I would be the first

to go because you were the sun always

hiding behind the clouds where I protected

you from seeing how dark the world was

even in the days you brightened it.    

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