Nicole Arocho Hernández


Nicole Arocho Hernández is a poet from Puerto Rico. She holds a BA in Writing from Ithaca College and will attend the MFA program at Arizona State University this fall. She was selected for a summer residency with Craigardan. Her poems have appeared in great weather for media and the Vs podcast.

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I have no ocean


I have no ocean.

I have no tongue.

I write with spilled wreckage.    


With this wet language

                                                                                                                              I try to make eye contact

                                                                                                            See my pupils in glass cups

                                                                                          “Remember what you’ve lost.”

                                                                                                                                                                            “Give me

                                                                                                                                                                       every letter

                                                                                                                                                                that built

                                                                                                                                                         your dream.”

                                                                                                With the sunset, “you”

                                                                                          watch my freckles

                                                                               become periods,

                                                                        my sentences estranged lovers

                                                          of a face, or is it a creek, or is it a finger lake

                                                 or is it


What do I think about

on rainy days?

I admit I went too fast.

Absorbed the absence.

Abscised my mouth with crisp air.

Took to longinglés.

You are a visitor, standing

on an island rimmed with sky,

framed with blue.


Is it me

who wants to write?

Is it you

who barters for lines?

We are

a Spanglish slut

selling lips for drippings.


Quiero beber de la fuente que regala vocales.

I wanto to drink your lush vocals. Become my fountain.

Allá, donde las lluvias son magras.

Take me where the rains are starving.

Dame tu voz, tu tejido, tus pupilas. Ya me cansé de las mías.

I shall create a voice, a tissue, a pupil so erectile we will never get tired.

Cuando llegue el verano, tomaré de tu agua e inventaré una madre sin noche.

I am a motherfucker of invention; I have no intention of letting them drink my summers.

her darkness / qué delicia 

     Creó un aullido. Creo en el castillo si yo lo construyo. Credo en el castigo de la marea          ea ea e


Let her break rope all by herself. Let me wake in ocean. Is she levitating or being pulled

up up up hands up in the air


In her body you can see a tilted chalice. In her demeanor, a scar. In she, a shore shows

up up up hands up in the air


El falseto se la come viva. El falso compinche se la come, mentira es la farsa q janguea

ea ea e


Burning water touching everything. Water running from the burn, with the burn, burning

up up up hands up in the air


She cast the Spell Of All Spells. She cost a fortune. I spell tremor. You smell terror. Dip

up up up hands up in the air


Será una nota o la otra. Sería lamento o Encanto. Seria respuesta compuesta de jalea.

ea ea e


Magma eyes dripping. Magnify the glory of slipping. Testify inside holes. Wash my wails

up up up hands up in the air


El que viene por ella contempla la vela. La que detesta pena siembra candela. Aquí voy


up up up


llena de perreo / giving no fucks.












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