Anuel Rodriguez


Anuel Rodriguez is a Mexican-American poet living in the San Francisco Bay Area. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Glass: A Journal of Poetry, DREGINALD, decomP, The Acentos Review, and elsewhere.

Her: Genesis: Dune


I tell my mother about how in some parts of the world

people have the ashes of their loved ones transformed

into beads, and she hears me say bees. And we laugh

about it as I imagine her sick body spiraling like a hive

of ghosts letting go of its yellow in the shape of pulsing wings.

Then I imagine a flesh machine being invented that can

generate a new cathedraled body for her based on her

healthy memories: a body made from the same sweetness

of blood and honey feathered bones: a body that can

survive fires and toxic fumes. She’ll be able to finally

shed her disease and gain a new immune system—

one that doesn’t attack itself like a rabid Ouroboros.

She’ll decorate urban forests with flowers and curl her toes

in unblemished white sands and climb every dune she

couldn’t conquer in her past life. She’ll raise apiaries from

salt and gypsum like wind whipped pedestals. And she’ll

heal the landscape invisible like the first arrival of rain.

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