The Acentos Review - Youth


The Tortillas

The tortillas smell of tears this morning

She rose at dawn as always nude

Sweat dripping from her once free body

To walk gingerly towards the kitchen

Stopping outside the twins room

Resisting the urge to check on her slumbering princes

Breakfast must be perfect

Seldom has a meal taken on such importance

The marriage of love and duty

Long ago lust had departed

Now sex was labored

Like hearing a story that has been told to many times

The corn was roasted last night and

It sits near the window looking out onto a garden of chilies, tomatoes and cilantro

Her mother told her once

A garden is a dream that you can control

So she tends to her garden each day with love and discipline

It would be easy to forget to weed and water

Easy has never come easy to her

She hears a snore coming from her bedroom

A shuddering dance up her spine

She remembers often

The truck

The man

Panties around ankles

Eyes shut tight

Picturing the snorer

All for him


All for him




A small house


A simple wedding


A boy


In the movies coyotes are animals that attack for food or out of fear

Her coyotes smelled of beer and garlic

The wide smiles

Toothy smiles

Don’t worry smiles

You want to go to America right smiles

Coffee first then tortillas

The guilt gathers in her throat

Pebbles sculpted by ancient hands

The residue of Spanish swords against mocha throats

Love tastes different on foreign tongues

James Sanchez


James Sanchez is a poet and teacher from Hialeah,Florida. He holds a B.A. In English from Florida International University. He teaches English and Creative Writing at Ronald W. Reagan/ Doral High School. His work has been published in The Acentos Review, The Apeiron Review, Desolation Blues, The Weekenders, and Dead Beats among others. He resides in Miami,Fl with his wife and son.