Kenia Romero


Kenia Romero currently resides in South Carolina, USA. Romero enjoys reading prose and poetry by minority writers, watching Mexican Golden Age of Cinema films, and painting in her spare time. Romero is a senior at South Carolina Governor for the Arts and Humanities.

On the Murder of El Alguacil Romero

                                        for my uncle


Strings of chorizo strung

around his neck    a rosary.

the gusts    of vulture’s wings,

carry in the air           the smell

of raw pork meat    tanto dolor

flocks,         a congregation         

in the dirt-paved road,

messengers    reincarnation

in their tongues.    the bliss of a dark sky

craned down    to watch the

his     spectacle     in the final acts

coordinated by a gang          of gangly boys

jugando    con las pistolas     de sus padres   

aimed          at the man    gullible enough

to believe     people like them    could repent

so easily.    except it’s not.        

and the alguacil truck    witness and

bearer    of more than

twenty bullets    embedded to its skin

stains etched    in the soil

of yerba buena and    dandelions        

don’t grow there anymore.

© The Acentos Review 2017