Brandon-Bruce Crispin


Brandon-Bruce Crispin was born in The Bronx, New York City, and spent his childhood between the big city's inner city and the barrios of Santo Domingo, capital de La República Dominicana. He is currently a senior at New York University's Gallatin School of Individualized Study, concentrating in Politics & Narratives with a minor in Creative Writing. 

Sun, Moon, Bodéga

From the window came the red die

gleaming and mouthed-off, wide


like a vicioso striking ground, his tired bottle held

to another brown-bagged day spent yelling coño!


while reaching into empty pockets for fleeting bills

and sweat. Luck ignored their pleas


as do las Doñas

done up in hair-rollers, dressed in pastel


as they hustled, were hustled and kept

thoughts vouchered into fistfuls:


more days, more children at hand—not at home

but wandering, tugged on all directions


by hot shiftings in the loud night. Old boys

street-struck at the corner


its habits for charlatáns trapped in myth

watched through windows rusted from grip and


narrated best by the concert of the Bodéga:

güiras shaking, tamboras being hit


songs of long-lost loves

giving out under radio waves

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