Klarissa Ugalde


Klarissa is a 15 year old girl who lives in San Marcos, Texas . She is a hard headed person that speaks her mind. One of her hobbie,s if you hadn’t noticed, is writing. Klarissa writes with many purposes and joy.

The Sights of Memory


I feel history of the ones before, the faces of the people.

Just pictures seen that have so much more of a story.


The colors,

the patterns

appealing to my eyes

I wonder what they mean.

My mind leads me to question all of it, to try and see the true beauty and meaning of it all.

One stands out and makes memories come back to my mind.

Memories of sitting outside

with the sun glistening away

and the laughter through it all.


I hear silence but hear noise from all the sights.

The rapid sound of starting

a new page of writing.

The scratching of words

being crossed out.


They shout out to me and tell me to see, see what they mean.

I feel warmth, I feel peace from the joy of writing. 

I feel at home, not from the room,

but from the pen moving silently on the paper.


Then, I hear the thought…….


Writing is peace.

© The Acentos Review 2017