Adrian Michael Graham


Adrian Graham was born on January 13, 2005 in Orange, California. He is twelve years old. He lives in Downtown Santa Ana. He has a brother named Esaias. He also has three cats and a fish. He dreams of being an actor.

“Identity Please.”


I am a twelve-year-old boy that lives in a city filled with ghetto birds and sirens. When
I’m going to school, to the store, or to my friend’s house I see the marks of people
dead. And because I come from Hispanic roots, people think of me as someone that
doesn’t belong here. I know things are changing like the life of a butterfly, but I still
imagine what challenges my ancestors faced when they had to fight in wars. I fight
wars too. When I go out on my bike and the police officers look at me like I just did a
drug deal or killed someone. I feel like everyone is being labeled, like that man is
Mexican, that kid is Canadian, that woman is Muslim. I am proud to be Mexican
American and have my beliefs or to be able to think that I can be whatever I want to
be when I grow up. I am proud to get out and make goals on the field. I am proud to
be me. So if anyone asks me “Identity Please”, this is my identity.


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