Michael Díaz Feito

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Michael Díaz Feito is a Cuban American writer from Miami, Florida. His work has been published or is forthcoming in Axolotl, The Acentos ReviewHinchas de PoesíaJai-Alai MagazineJersey Devil PresstheEEEL, and Flapperhouse. You can find Michael’s work at michaeldiazfeito.com and follow him on Twitter @diazmikediaz. He currently dwells in Inwood, Manhattan, with his girlfriend Naomi and their dog Finn.


Pwyll López 


Pwyll woke in the tree stand, gland-stinking;

his sentimental rifle loved for its gifts,  parts


like Abuelo’s barrel, puberty’s trigger, Xmas

sights,so when the stag climbs that hill, he can


feel for it, the stag who gurgles up its life,

or for the rifle,

 who forgets itself if not firing.


Our tools think (complicating things for 21st-

century men who said, X don’t kill X; X


kill X), “I’m real.” Rifles like Jerry, Christie,

Enrique, or Daisy chat online, swap data, or


war stories, while selfcleaning, selflubricating.

Pwyll told his rifle Pippi,

     “Pippi, you are real.”


She hears him.

They go off tugging                  ipsa triggers.

Tiros graze the stag. It twists down the hill—

which glows so cleargreener in sleep—digs


into its mulched heart-pit

the thing-heap                      of freshly


clipped nets, and re-links

them slow using just long

pine needles, marl,


and resin.



Knowing-if is an oil spill

and things the gulf: Open        O

like a lamprey’s sucker—


that’s the well of our Florida finca,

just a hueco toothed by

limestone snags, where (lifting


by tails) we drop the Cuban anoles

into the far down chalky

cuz we’re too big to dive


and learn ourselves. After a scolding I

sneak to the well,

snake a skinny

arm into the dark, waiting.



© The Acentos Review 2015