Martha Fernandez

Partial space





 to raw

colors of creation

Building renovation

a thunder of broken construction

of raging heat

and half-naked Latinos knitting wires in a manhole


New steam

  Bright sand

In my shoes

      the tang of tar


Martha Fernandez is a bilingual writer from Cuba. As a child, her parents sought refuge in Madrid, Spain. Two years later they moved to California, where she graduated from El Monte High School and attended Rio Hondo College and Santa Ana College with a major in Spanish Education. After moving to Miami, she graduated from Florida International University with a Master's in Social Work. A lifelong writer, she hides most of her fiction in a closet, while making a living as a clinical social worker in the Miami area. In her spare time, when she is not writing, she practices yoga and goes for long walks with her husband. Her stories are inspired by the illusory nature in human beings that leads to self defeat. Her nonfiction has been published in Spanish by El Promotor and Editorial Planeta. In 2017, her flash fiction received an honorary certificate from the César Egido Serrano Foundation. 

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