Stalina Villarreal


Stalina Emmanuelle Villarreal lives as a rhyming-slogan creative activist. She is a Generation 1.5 poet (mexicana and Chicana), a translator, a sonic-improv collaborator, and an instructor of English. She is a Ph.D. student in the Creative Writing Program at University of Houston. Her M.F.A. in Writing is from California College of the Arts. She coauthored an article with a historian in the book Chicana Movidas (University of Texas, forthcoming). Her poetry can be found in the Rio Grande Review, Texas Review, Spoon River Poetry Review, and elsewhere. She has published translations of poetry, including Enigmas, by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz (Señal: a project of Libros Antena Books, BOMB, and Ugly Duckling Presse, 2015), but she mostly translates regiomontana poet Minerva Reynosa; they have a chapbook called Photograms of My Conceptual Heart, Absolutely Blind (Cardboard House Press, 2016).

Name and tumor removed

Invisible polluters,* no shiny scalpel. The I desaperece.

Your dorsal skin befuddled:
You turn
your back,
the pores,
burn* red;
the cells
Mal,* mal.* 

(Your *toxin-induced hormonal shift minimizes your androgen.) 

Your male hormones shrink,
personify an un-
developed coo. 

M’ijo, despierta.
(Your dove segment needs more vocal chords.) 

Silence. (Chemicals burn a non-penis, or so you perceive your androgen to think so.) I want, I love.

surgery, the doctor
said, “You_______

*scar well.”

My glottal stop

The landfill* next to my_________home, so trash!*

in construction.) Ma’ t’àan. 

The build framed my reference.

Lost, a friendly stern gesture               pauses                           ¿coraje?
. . . a continuation of *confusion . . . derrumba* sinapsis 

Proof. Why are you *shooting film at me? Camera violence.* Ma’ t’àan.

Houston, el sueño sería
to zone______the industrial*
away from 

the residential; pero Houston
qué mal,* mal:* *sin zoning.
Ma’ t’àan.

Agape,____I absorb.*
I shut my mouth.
Uy, mastico
y como el veneno*
del barrio. Mal,*
mal.* Achiote
looks like iron dirt
Annatto covers muenster
cheese like pretty iron.
Ma’ t’àan.


DNA mutation.
Mal,* mal.*
Ma’ t’àan.




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