Gabriel Ojeda-Sague


Gabriel Ojeda-Sague is a Miami <-> Philly gay, Latino Leo living in Philadelphia, PA. He is the author of the poetry books Jazzercise is a Language (The Operating System, 2018), about the exercise craze of the 1980s, and Oil and Candle (Timeless, Infinite Light, 2016), on ritual and racism. He is also the author of chapbooks on gay sex, Cher, the Legend of Zelda, and anxious bilingualism. His third book Losing Miami, on the potential sinking of Miami due to climate change and sea level rise, is forthcoming from Civil Coping Mechanisms.


along the beach another yellower beach on top

the mirror image

tourist soda fizz

I want what I want

sourness of algae

be my friend

this place is a gorgeous index

I’ll ask again

along the beach another yellower oxidized beach on top

crawling over it

diamonds along the sand

on the second beach no trace of a dog

or those little white birds that go in and out

people only thousands of them

I didn’t dream them up

flat absent state

distinct smell of the shape it takes under direct light

above ground above image

I have placed thousands of bottles into the gulf as

morse code for you my island neighbor

to say “everywhere bilingual must go”

a girl is wishing she was a fish

she will get her wish

a series of small triangles

chrome-color and alien

lift out of the ocean to take crumbs

from a beachgoer’s tote bag

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