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Michael Díaz Feito is a Cuban-American writer from Miami, Florida. He attended the University of Miami and recently earned a master's degree in medieval studies at Fordham University. He currently lives in Inwood, Manhattan, with his girlfriend and their dog Finn. 


A firefly, bumbling through

the bathroom window(frosted glass

lowered to let out the steam),

fell into our bathtub.


It swashed in some water

there, and I thought, There

is less time, for us, for non-

digitized pleasure, or,

that is,

real things.


When I, unthinking, then euthanized it

by grinding my bare heel into the tub,


luminescent bits flew,

a scatterplot

reflected, stars

in the dirty


left from a shower, lightly

lighting the hot,

dark room.


She and I argued about that word:


Is it a firefly, or, as I say,

a lightning bug?

                        (Florida taxonomy.)

So we texted my mom to settle it.

But she really knew


      only cocuyo.


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