Tonight’s Blackout by Karl Michael Iglesias

fault on transmission line           the grid dropped


Karl Michael Iglesias is a poet, actor, and director originally from Milwaukee WI but has made a home in Brooklyn, NY. His work can be read on Apogee, The Acentos Review, The Breakwater Review, The Florida Review, RHINO Poetry, and Kweli Journal. He also explores verse-driven theater as a facilitator at the BARS Workshop at The Public Theater and is a proud Poet Mentor in Residence at Urban Word NYC, where he teaches poetry and verse in New York City classrooms throughout the school year. 

Hip Hop. @OYE414

and eventually outage        the deep sigh of dimming lights

all long-blink for the outrage      of an endless 48 hours


got pressed   with flat lines         distressed temples 

bent brows            based off the uncertainty

based off the constant  jettison 


the coconut gets more light than luis     and at  dawn

i fell asleep at the gas station  and i’m told  there is             enough

but we stay waiting          this year has been unplugged respiration 


i need breath          and un pastelón calientito 

and representation in the senate           this is big stick       mi pana       speak softly

save your voice               they take it            in rhythm     the way nurse treats pulse 


The Acentos Review 2019