Strands of Privilege by Cindy AnaCaona Peralta

 White woman asks me


“O.M.G!!! Can I like, touch your hair?! I just want to see what it feels like!!”


Before I can respond, her guillotine like hand, already in mid-air waiting to come down across my neck.

Like my dignity or self-respect were synonymous with live petting zoo 


Cindy AnaCaona Peralta, barriga jarta, formerly known as Black Angel es una escritora Afro-descendiente desde la República Dominicana. Born in NYC and raised with a foot in each country, she’s an oral storyteller since birth and writing since the age of 13. As a former member of several poetry troupes, she has toured NYC schools and facilitated workshops to encourage poetry and creative writing amongst inner city youth. Sharing words at prison facilities, including Eastern Correctional Facility and Riker’s Island, she’s a griot who champions change. Her style is said to be brutally honest and shedding light where lies proliferate, unafraid of controversy and striving to shock her audience into realizing the truths that she has come to understand are unavoidable. She has been published in two performative anthologies Mujeres, The Magic, The Movement and The Muse, as well as Thinking In Full Color, both written entirely by women of color. She is also Director of Community Outreach for the non-profit organization Bronx Bound Books. A mobile bookstore providing fee or low cost books and services to the community most in need. When not writing and being a mother to two incredible young scholars, she can be found procrastinating on social media via Facebook ( or Instagram (@anacaona514) Pa’ q’ lo sepa


Like my hair can be her muse

Praising its goddess like form 

Too unique to be Xanadu

But enough kink and fetishizing to be her Sara Baartman


I immediately counter act with a block and begin to pet her strands of privilege saying:


“O.M.G!!! You have NO idea how lucky you are that your hair is so DEAD!”


Because when it’s full of life, 






Hache y Machete, 

Cafe negra con azucar

Tabaco y ron

El Caribe




Arroz con Guandules y maduros

Palm Trees

Transatlantic Sea Breezes

Salsa y merengue

Rumba y palo, 

Ajenta y Presenta


“I wish a bitch would”




You really have to try and manage to keep people from wanting to colonize it…

The Acentos Review 2019