RAZE by Karl Michael Iglesias

after Agriculture by Augusto Marin


ruled by a sun god    sloping machete    field to clear    swing    hack    work    glazed

i rise    hack    clear    blades of grass bow   i have been chosen    sun says       swing

and i serve   from the rasp of lungs says    swing       i am rug beaten dust      pulsing callus

says proceed    i swing    sugar cane splits    hack      my hand is empty on one side


Karl Michael Iglesias is a poet, actor, and director originally from Milwaukee WI but has made a home in Brooklyn, NY. His work can be read on Apogee, The Acentos Review, The Breakwater Review, The Florida Review, RHINO Poetry, and Kweli Journal. He also explores verse-driven theater as a facilitator at the BARS Workshop at The Public Theater and is a proud Poet Mentor in Residence at Urban Word NYC, where he teaches poetry and verse in New York City classrooms throughout the school year. 

Hip Hop. @OYE414

jesus-bronze on the other    says swing    clear a way     rust blade     splinters persist

and i swing       open glade    sweat   soaks glory                                        and dry lip


The Acentos Review 2019