Not for consumption by Morisa Berroa


Mo has filled countless journals since the age of seven. She writes because sometimes spoken word is not enough and a quiet page allows her a space to hear the world around her. She shares her love of writing with her NYC public high school students.  

I am not for consumption

like the pink bubble gum 

sitting under your tongue

you may not bend me over 

and chew me out

spreading me across

your mouth

to indulge in my savory sugar 

-they warned you we were sweet-

you see

I am not for consumption

to be discarded when you're done

-Trust me, I'd outlast you-

women like me

our elasticity endures

a lineage of coffee-colored women 

with strong hands and extra hips

swaying in sazón 

flavored in sofrito

fresh and handpicked from our yard

not manufactured 


and displayed in a jar at your local candy store

labeled “cinco centavos"

I am worth so much more.

The Acentos Review 2019