Legendario. by Rebel Poet


Rebel Poet is a Titere, poet, activist, musician, songwriter, and producer, who was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico and partly raised in Long Island, NY. A proud father of three, Rebel is the Creative Director for ‘Pan Con Titere’ a Latinx based podcast. Rebel Poet is an eternal student of life, a High School dropout, who has returned to school for Music Production & Soundtrack Design at The Academy of Art University. His love for the Arts spills onto the stage as his rage honors his ancestors.

I wear night like skyline

define my shine ¡Legendario!

Old folk tale from ‘El Barrio’


Charlatan, wisecrack

slave spiritual soundtrack

smile heaven-sent omen

empirical Sunday sermon


¡Somos de los Wilson!

porque bueno es el pan

y se dejó comer de ambos lados ¡Brodel!

Convicts conviction,

conciencia del Bichote / Dealer.

Redemption from junkie's addiction

rope for forgotten unbeliever


no lies in these eyes

¡Pa que tu lo sepas!

Bodega, ghetto gospel word to the wise.

El incorregible is his name,

justicia by any means his claim to fame!


On the corner

Títere sees past broad blocks

sipping bochinche

making sense out of disorder

sensing pain pouring

compassion into poor hearts


growing flowers out of asphalt.

Indeed, Títere grieves!


Speaking righteous

curandero lingo

¡Que lindo!


Rebuking bad intentions

with single glare.

!No jodas, que te doy una bofetada bien da!

Brujería thought to be lynched decades ago by el Gringos

palabrería pure Black Magic, 

poesía de la tierra de gigante.


Attitude vintage classic ¡siempre pa lante!

We here today, tomorrow no se sabe

¡El que nada debe nada teme!


Why would a Titere live forever?

To us family equals Tribu

how cleaver

loyalty is rebelling against oppressor,

Is code, is close to home.


You should know

uncontained fury

can be explained!

Madness is a flame

I was born of the fire.


¡no hay quien me coja!


So, listen

list in

hear his Petroglyph gift,

Hieroglyph rift

you pessimist

gente que se confunden

only HE can judge me!


Here is your chance

to witness,

Este Títere speak.    

The Acentos Review 2019