Jaime The DJ at the Fancy and Snooty Winery in that Expensive Wine Valley by Marissa Raigoza


Marissa Candy Raigoza grew up in Selma, California, which she brags is the raisin capital of the entire world. She is currently living in Fresno and teaches in a small, rural high school and is an adjunct instructor at the local community college. She’s a graduate of Fresno State where she received a bachelor’s in English and San Diego State University, where she received her MFA in Creative Writing. Her work has appeared in The San Joaquin Review, Flies Cockroaches and Poets, The Undercurrent, and Chachalaca Review. She has a blog titled Butterfly Bailona, which is the secret identity she sometimes assumes when she writes. 

Blog: https://labutterflybailona.wordpress.com

He gets paid

to work a 4 hour gig

12-4 Saturday

and 12-4 Sunday.


The owner of the winery

Has specifically requested that he play

Only one Latino song per hour

            Because it might attract the wrong, rowdy crowd. 


Jaime doesn’t listen.

He’s an artist,

intuitively feeling out the crowd,

carefully picking the next song.


Jaime will Dale like Pitbull if he feels like it

Jaime will Bidi and Bom Bom if his hips say hip hip hooray

Jaime will play Suavecito, both the oldie and the newest Latin hip-hop tune

mouth the words in Spanish

and slap his legs like a drum

because it’s his heart

not the winery, or its owner

that is the boss of him.



The Acentos Review 2019