Ant Morales: An Exhibition by Anthony Morales


Anthony Morales is a Bronx born, Nuyorican poet/educator/father who currently resides in Maryland. His work has appeared in Aster(i)x, Hostos Review, Great Weather for Media, HBO's Def Poetry, MANTECA! An Anthology of Afro Latin@ Poets and the forthcoming anthology, The BreakBeat Poets Volume 4: LatiNEXT.  He has self published all his collections, including Vacio (2019), A Good One Must Go (2018) and Wandering Edge (2017). Find him on IG/FB/Twitter @antmoralesnyc

I wish this voice: a composite surround sound speaker on corner, assemblage of armor in brilliant variety, to disarm any attack but that sudden internal conflict will probably infect a startling death; before time was done, I was done; damn, word tone; a veces, si, hay dias no lo se, ni porque, in code, comprehend this arching improvisation on stressed self portrait of disastrous proportions, won’t get too graphic for fear might fall asleep instead of listening to my crisis, like don’t we all have anything better to do, not projecting a black cloud with no silver lining, that old school timing for unexpected but never any good news, what is the core root of those blues; how young thrashers serenade morning, a steady bop towards departure, which god are you serving, what is your purpose for rising & recognition of divinity within, or might weight of negative space be so vast, there is no bread that may fill aching hunger, large wonder from miniscule issues, licensed therapist will recommend options available, can’t control preceding or after we hang up the phone & wish each other enjoyable evening – then what – won’t be much understanding while pleading for more LOVE – have to spell out exactly as I’m praying – these incantation plant infinity inside eardrums; that human pillow needed at that second will save like previous screams, can’t buy that amor in wholesale quantity at local store, critical decision to start loving again, little dip for unsavable grouches wanting world to pause rotation, hold multiverses for their couches expanding vacancies, nourishing found nook, the wind keeps digging those coffins deeper in ground; resurrection only choice possible as agreeing to worst temptation so easily, where is the bench in the desert with some shade & ice water, all those enemies mirages, losses really lessons haven’t learned yet; I see you – still searching for that exit when did not begin best impression entrance, been at that crossroads & tried to freestyle a none of the above answer, iciest blood with awkward jumper, just got back home, applying pressure to a block you rarely visit, account for your precise allegiance, pop up on moms, peace to pops, abrazos pa babita, write some poems at chessboards, no hospitals – precious fingers & crooked toes, warm up the cold, think fast when devils ask, will you take this vida again, better laugh, scram sucka, dejame quieto, Seguro que si, I already am.

The Acentos Review 2019