Vincent Cooper


Vincent Cooper is a Xicano poet from Los Angeles, CA. His forthcoming book of poetry Zarzamora is set for publication January 2019 with Jade Publishing. Cooper's chapbook Where the Reckless Ones Come to Die was published through Aztlan Libre Press in 2014. Cooper's poetry has been published in Huizache 6 and forthcoming Huizache 8. He is currently working on his manuscript The Other Side of Semper Fi which chronicles his tumultuous stint in the Unites States Marine Corps.

The Call and Response

“And If I die in a combat zone
Box me up and ship me home
Put me in a set of Dress Blues
Comb my hair and shine my shoes
Pin my medals upon my chest
Tell my momma I did my best.
Mama mama don’t you cry,
Marine Corps motto is do or die.”

– U.S. Marine Cadence


The millions of skulls in the dirt, sands and oceans of Earth
Do not sing do or die
They would rather be alive
But reality of war
Has eroded them
Population control
The killing business of humanity
The rich white are in the killing business
And business is good.

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