Lillian Ramirez


Lillian Ramirez is from Lakeland, Florida. She currently teaches English as a Second Language in Fort Worth, Texas to middle school students from Mexico, Ecuador and Venezuela. Besides writing, she enjoys reading, traveling, making music, and starting water balloon fights with the neighborhood kids. You can also read her poetry in Red River Review

My Dad Eats Bologna Sandwiches

My dad eats bologna sandwiches
during his lunch breaks
and for dinner
sits at the table and eats air.

No tengo hambre, he says,
just one slice, no quiero mas. 

So we kids down the food and forget the man
who watched his little brother die of malnutrition
who waits until his family eats first
who took me to the doctor when I was three

worried I was too frail, muy flaca
who says toma mas leche,
drink more milk

who eats bologna sandwiches,
and feeds us love.

© The Acentos Review 2018