Guillermo Rebollo Gil


Guillermo Rebollo Gil (San Juan, 1979) is the author of several poetry books, including El Universo de Cosas con que Quedarnos (2017) and La Categoría es Cosas que Mueren (2016). He is a research professor at the School of Social and Human Sciences at Universidad del Este. His poems have appeared in The Caribbean Writer, Diálogo, Fence and Mandorla

Johny Mundo vs. Alberto El Patrón

[Lucha Underground, 5/6/15]


Wrestlers wear t-shirts

with their names

and faces on them


in case they sustain

a bad blow

to the head


it’s easier for them

to remember

who they are.



Prince Puma vs. Rey Misterio

[Lucha Underground: Ultimate Lucha Dos, 7/24/16]


When you can’t decide between masked men,

you pick your favorite by his tattoos

or, better yet,

by the expression of pain

in the face of whom you imagine

looks more like you.




Bobby Roode vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

[NXT Takeover Orlando, 4/2/17]


I turned 38 this year,

one year younger than Roode.


It’s like having an adjective for a last name.

Only that’s not how you write it.


My biggest dream is to die with my boots on

in the middle of the ring

but you probably have to pay

extra for that.


I try my best to be rude to people.

Even so they call me other names.


Roode’s trunks say ‘Glorious’ on the back.

My poems are ‘average’ at best.


It’s like having the world title around your waist

but nobody wants to take it away.

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