Stella Santamaría


Stella Santamaría is an educator and writer in Miami, Florida.  Santamaría holds an MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry) from Saint Mary's College of California, recipient of the School of Liberal Arts Dean's Award. Her poetry has been recently published in Nine Mile Magazine, Pennsylvania English, The Brooklyn Review, Juked, Courtship of Winds and The Rumpus, among others.  Recently nominated for Best New Poets 2021. Her poetry book, California Silence, semifinalist for the 2021 lighthouse poetry series by Cleveland State University Poetry Center.  Stella was the Sandra Cisneros Fellow at Under the Volcano in 2021. Santamaría is an alumna of the Community of Writers in the Olympic Valley.

hades formerly known as PG + EEEEEEE

please  be  aware  of  your  skinny breath

slowly + deeply

bbq pine  &  hummingbird  nests  are filling me up

my porous pale skin


nowhere   to go  for  48  hours,  72,  96,  128

in a rental

with windows that don’t close


why can’t i just be in miami beach

breathing artificial tanning oils in summer heat & balmy polluted breeze


with the scratching of

jumping   sand   fleas walking   to & fro  

my balcony


please  be  aware  of  your  skinny breath

slowly + deeply the lazy windows


in the air


shallow short breaths go deep, deep, deep


wild bbq smoke pg+ eeeeeee and i still have

electricity grids ready


just  in time  for  holiday  shopping gotta have dazzling lights

my lungs heave then drs. playing



in emergency rooms urgent cares hypnotizing red lights

surged & powered machines recordings  by  pg + eeeeeeeeeee


please  be  aware  of  your  skinny breath

slowly + deeply


just got my survey from hades


how did we do?


did we treat you with the respect and attention you deserve?

where exactly are you doing your yoga?

rate us!


we already have trackers in your blood

in a haunted library in northern California searching for my Cuban history


waiting         esperando           barefoot permutated soles on crisscross 80s carpet leaving sand imprints walking backwards


sensors are triggered


the librarian jokingly said

the ghosts were checking out


returning their overdue books how disciplined

i replied


running laughter

on  the  ceilings  &  chandeliers  in between stands


weighted steps up cold frigid air


astrally travel to cuba

because i won’t get the truth here


broken-down bottles lined up on the perimeter staggering on the edges of the check in & information                               help me

receiving  desk      ayúdame


rum & coke cuba libre reaching remnants

lo que queda de mi


now start      projects non human collaborative unwilling unflinching


adonde  están  recordings 

  chivatones            heard warnings about them as a child

               sitting in the dining room chair

                        upholstered by my father


 ladrones   implementing   tiempo    other   dimensiones        this   world  is  overdrawn

papel higiénico untranslated tick grey whales descompuesto pal’carajo


with  no  biologicals    i am pérdida

no one else here

just the librarian and me

vaso vacillo hielo derretido

lips used to be pink  empty glass

labios eran rosados


ice melted disengaging         universal media perform for three clouds project the no you have to be

aquí  no  allí  text  proper  todos  los  días  lo  mismo          the i’m texting project

& these sistemas viciously taking imágenes & videos mi residencia pal’carajo project implementing



because the fantasmas pass by & trigger the expired sensors  & they’re back from sonars because


no soy vunerable

i am   not


ahora hay agua en mi casa

flooded car project

i haven’t washed my thunder hair in three days

because bells because they’re over drawn overhearing bells because sonars under agua

porque no te acuerdas como ni cuando ni cuantos lagunas mentales

suerte luck


millennia tornado ending

theyre insidious tremors pal’carajo con todos & esto


cubana caminando ancestrally haunted siempre


hair swivels project media




sonar  warfare crypto dolphins  feat  beached  grey  whales  they  gave  you  tremors immobilize ron on your own


pasteurized  spirits  were  in  pursuit  after you project relax relájate

where are your sources  references balsabodies carcasses  approved  improved

google satellite images crushed glass  rum coke plastic  bottles  en la arena

adonde están los fantasmas

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