Robert Américo Esnard


Robert Américo Esnard was born and raised in the Bronx, NY. He studied Linguistics and Cognitive Science at Dartmouth College. His work has been published by or is forthcoming in Alternating Current Press, Alternative Field, Cutbank, Glass, Lunch Ticket, New York Quarterly, and several anthologies. He is a Best of the Net and Pushcart Prize-nominated poet.





The memory is


timeless and narcotic


a full sunset over


the clear ocean


me a young boy


in the sand


an island home


a cigar


shifting hands


a plate crashing


an empty offering


of forgiveness


a cumbersome language


of sorrow without truth


eyes full and flowing


a mirage


nostalgia without history


a trumpet crying




 a dream of joy


and my thirst


for an antidote.




The ocean is language flowing

and crashing over me.

My hands are my self, my history.

The plate is forgiveness whether

empty or full, an offering.

The trumpet is sorrow and

perseverance and joy.

The sand is my home shifting,

timeless and without memory.

Eyes are the truth, clear

however cumbersome.

The cigar is narcotic and antidote.

Thirst is nostalgia, as is the sunset.

The island is a dream, is a mirage,

is a young boy crying.


The plate is an island, home.

The hands are a language.

The thirst is forgiveness

however cumbersome.

Memory is narcotic perseverance.

History is shifting sorrow and

crashing joy and

the ocean is crying.

My eyes are empty.

The cigar is nostalgia, a mirage,

a timeless self.

The sand is a dream offering truth.

The trumpet, an antidote.

The sunset is full and flowing

clear over me.

09.2021 Acentos RAE

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