In this special issue of The Acentos Review, poetry opens the door to the whole.  On 15 November 2010, the poetry portion was published with fiction and nonfiction entering the issue on 29 November 2010.  We hope that this will inspire a return to this incredible work and that with each return, a new revelation comes to the reader.  

In this installment of the review, one will find the witty, heart wrenching, nuanced, politically poignant and more.  We welcome you to this journey.  

Dr. Raina J. León and Rich Villar
The Acentos Review

Shokry Eldaly
Aídah Gil
Carmen Giménez Smith
Jenn Gutierrez
Ricardo Nazario y Colón
Daniel Romo

Miguel Almendarez
Marco Moreno Flores
Victor Schultz

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