Lina Rincón


Lina Rincón is a Latinx immigrant, a sociologist, and a poet. She writes about the experiences that shape her life and the lives of others like her: the displaced, the left behind, the marginalized, the hopeful, the activist, the heartbroken. She uses poetry to bring light to the struggles of immigrants and people of color. Lina's poetry has appeared in Harvard College’s journal Palabritas and on Love’s Executive Order, a website featuring weekly poems and commentary on the effects of Trump's presidency.

La Policia


I don't know what is like over there

back home 

your neighbors

are always looking at you

they try to tell you what to do, 

especially when grown women live alone

Ah, si! Pueblo chiquito, infierno grande!

When I kissed my boyfriends by the portal

mami said:

El amor es ciego, pero los vecinos no.

La policía. Otra vez.

family policing me,

neighbors policing her,

and us

policing ourselves.

La policía. Otra vez. 

Y la luna, es la luna la policía?

Looking from above.

The moon?


Never the moon.

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