The Acentos Review May 2012
James Sanchez is from Hialeah, Florida. He holds a B.A. in English from Florida International University. He currently teaches English and Creative Writing at Ronald W.  Reagan High School in Doral, Florida. His work has appeared published in Poui: the Cave Hill Literary Annual.
1 Poem

    For Gloria Gonzalez
I smell the grease from the pork chops that a trucker has just ordered
It’s Davie
A Waffle House
Only one of the patrons speaks Spanish
Cuba to them is Elian 
Fidel looking like Charlie Daniels
It’s an island
It might snow
Who knows? 
Who cares?
I think of you abuela
Manteca over white rice as I surgically slice the tenderly prepared chuleta
Shining in the kitchen light I see the stainless steel mallet with the notches on the head
Placed there probably by a Mexican woman who remembers her abuela making tortillas 
While her children and grandchildren were shot trying to cross
Over towards Heaven.
Each notch a reminder of a bullet wedged into a man’s body
You didn’t see that or did you
Flattening my pork chops
Sprinkling garlic salt gingerly over them
Your old life beaten hands massage the meat
I see you abuela at the countertop turning the stove on with the front door wide open
The chuletas always slid towards the middle of the skillet
They were well behaved
I wish I could smell those chuletas truly again
Hear the sizzling
The popping
The symphony of home cooking
The smell would knock on every door of that fifth floor in east Hialeah
If they wouldn’t open it would crawl under and love reigned 
In my dream I finish my chuletas gather the last forkful of rice with my thumb (don’t tell Dad)
I see you abuela rise from the table and smile
As if you were full
As if you were content
You take my plate and glass
Place them in the sink
I run to your bed to play with coins as you make coffee