maria gonzalez



Maria Andrea Gonzalez Moreno is a 22 year old Colombian student, about to obtain her degree in Psychology from La Universidad de los Andes. She loves to eat, write, and sleep, hates dogs, and is currently obsessed with Grey’s Anatomy. She plans on pursuing a degree in Literary Translation in 2012.

Saudade pt. 2

lost and wide eyed/

you stare, waiting for lunch

to be served. I can feel the heaviness

in your head, I can

sense the fear in your


you're now using a cane,

(there is this nerve that

is being pressed down

by your spine)

you walk slowly

but not carefully

you used to be such a lady:

"good girls do not drink or curse"

(you used to always say)

you stood up straight

and wore mink coats

and expensive jewelry/

remember that time on the

boat? you told me some

random lady thought

you were "audrey hepburn"

bad english and all,

I understood.

time is never grateful,

these things have left you-

(you don't care anymore)

you're old and tired

(you sometimes say)


when you laugh

and your front teeth stick out

(like always)

wrinkles hidden,

eyebrows shadowing

your eyes,

mouth open,

and nose upturned:

worries cease to be/

time returns

for a second there

and deaths,

ours and yours,

seem far




(we become invincible)



(safe and sound, always)


you seem 40 years younger

you look prettier than audrey hepburn

(time returns what it took away)