Patsy castillo



Patsy Castillo is an immigrant, a self-taught artist and a grandmother. In 2008 she left her job as an engineering assistant, in able to return to school and develop her skills as an artist. Her poetry and paintings were published in SandScript, a junior college literary magazine, in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

Artist Statement:

Patsy Castillo is a self taught artist that has taken the time to study color theory, art history, basic and sculptural design. As an artist, she likes to paint the world around her, whether is beautiful or otherwise. At times, it is the only way to make sense of her environment. She makes use of any style that can help her express her vision or interpret the events that affect her daily life. Her favorite tools are brush and paints such as acrylics, H2Oils, and water colors. She likes mixing her own hues. She doesn’t have a particular palette, because she believes that the palette changes with each subject, but she does tends to use colors that children as well as grownups can enjoy and help the quality their life, as well as hers.

About her paintings:

“An Arizona Sunset” as well as “Alien” were inspired by a horrible idea: Arizona’s Immigration Law SB1070. Every year, hundreds of immigrants die in the heat of our vast Arizona desert.